Petronas Twin Towers – Malaysia

My first day outside India… a wonderful start on my backpacker life… I made my first International travel ( thank god my malaysian airlines flight didn’t disappeared 😛 ). Took bus by myself to kulalampur city and reached hotel (didn’t expect that time it would be such easy to travel in malaysia). The driver and conductor were tamil guys. Seen the hotel names were written in Tamil in the streets of KL Sentral. So felt more comfortable to be there.

Hmm…the trip started very well…

After refreshment in hotel headed towards KLCC where Petronas Twin Towers is there. Petronas Twin Towers is the worlds tallest building from 1998 to 2004. Currently it holds 8th Place. Booked ticket online for 80 ringgits and visited the 86th floor of the tower which is the toppest level. A splendid view of KulaLampur city from there. There was a skybridge at 41st (sorry can’t remember exactly) floor where they allowed us 15 minutes for photo shoot. Took variety of pictures of kulalampur., but lost the camera within next 6 hours in KL Sentral railway station :( . Yup ! the photo i have added in this post was not taken by me (lol… may be thats y it looks professional and good :P) … just shooted from internet.

Camera incident made me sad :( , so took train ticket for random locations and did go and come back for few hours 😛 .

So no pictures for my kulalampur and phuket visit posts…