Andaman Island

Andaman Island – Apart from its beautiful beaches Andaman is a well known for ‘Cellular Jail’, a historical place of India. Jail is open for public visit till 5PM everyday. Entry ticket for an adult is INR30. The light show in the evening session explains the history of this place. Ross Island got lot of […]


Beijing – China

IMPORTANT: GOOGLE, FACEBOOK SERVICES WERE BANNED IN CHINA. DO NOT DEPEND ON GOOGLE SERVICES SUCH AS ‘GOOGLE MAPS’ AS IT WONT WORK ON CHINESE NETWORK. Beijing – The capital city of China is filled with awesome people. I really didn’t expect this much love from Chinese people when i get there. Recent few days Indian […]


The Great Wall of China – Mutianyu

Mutianyu is one of the best place to see ‘The Great Wall of China’. The wall is so beautiful when we see from long distance. But it was too rough actually. The steps were not safe and it is not so easy to walk on it. Tiny and vertical steps, slippery slopes, etc… will make […]


Putrajaya Sightseeing Tour from Putrajaya Central Station

This is a perfect option for anyone who have long transit in KulaLampur Airports (Both KLIA & KLIA2). They run this trip twice a day (11Am & 3Pm) except Friday. Friday they run only 3Pm trip.  This tour was known as  1RM tour in the past as they happen to charge 1RM / person to […]


Cairo – Egypt

Cairo – a city with lot of historical iconic places to see. The best of all is the pyramids of Giza and Egyptian Museum. I couldn’t believe that i was standing next to the body(Mummy) of the greatest king of Egyptian empire ‘Ramesses II’. I wrote articles about him in the past and now i […]


Exploring Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo with JR Pass

JR Pass is useful not only to travel between big cities but also to explore around a city. Every city has ‘JR Line Railways’ covering nearby small towns in which we can use JR Pass to travel unlimited rides. In Hiroshima, 2 loop buses named ‘Orange Route’ and ‘Green Route’ operates in 30 mins gap […]


Day trip to Nagasaki from Hakata using JR Pass

Nagasaki – the city which lost one fourth of its population to atomic bomb in the year 1945. After this horror incident the city is well known throughout the world and being visited by many tourists every year. This article will give you some information if you are looking to take a day trip to […]

japan rail pass

Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass (Commonly known as JR Pass) is the best option for anyone who wants to travel throughout Japan in budget. This pass is available only for Tourists who enter japan with ‘Temporary Visitor’ stamp on passport. This pass is valid on all ‘Japan Railways’ (JR) group of company operated transports (Train, Bus, Ferry) […]


Perth – Australia

Perth is one on the best city i have seen ever. Very neat, Happy people, Free Buses inside city zone, Free internet on many public places, Public Parks in every corner, Enjoyable climate, etc… makes perth one of the best in the world. The only issue i see here is the cost of living. Probably […]



Mumbai – A must visit Indian city with plenty of places to see. Heavily crowded everywhere and driving is really hard in its traffic.



Mauritius – One of the most beautiful country with beautiful people. The immigration officer i met was very nice and he keeps talk funny till the immigration is over. He gave the first impression of the island and it was the same throughout the country. People i met here were extremely good. One of the […]


Backpacking Moscow

Moscow – One of the cheapest destination in European continent. Being capital of world’s largest country, “Moscow” is being maintained well by Russian Government. Metro makes transportation easier towards many destinations in the city. Though all is well here language is a biggest problem for any out comers. NO ONE SPEAKS / UNDERSTANDS ENGLISH… Will be […]


Paro Valley – Bhutan

Paro is a must see lovely place located in Bhutan. It is the only place in Bhutan where international flights land. I have recorded this video when i exit this beautiful valley. Especially the video sections around 3:30 are very beautiful.


Traveling from bagdogra to kathmandu by bus

This post may be useful for anyone who looks for how to reach kathmandu from bagdogra and vice versa by bus.  This is a little long journey so may not suitable for any one expects high comfortness on travel.


Maldives – Heaven on Earth

Maldives – most beautiful place in earth with stunning beaches. Male City Male city, the capital of this beautiful nation is bit dirty because of lack of maintenance. We can round the whole city by foot itself if we can spend a day here to explore. Also taxi available from any corner to any corner […]


Crap Cambodian Immigration officer

It was a real worst experience in Siem Reap International Airport  ! A immigration officer in Siem Reap International Airport, who asks tip for stamping exit mark in my passport ! Finally he let me go only after i gave him tip. I insulted him by paying 1$ first which i usually give to the […]


Long transit in colombo with Sri Lankan Airlines ?

This post is useful for anyone looking for what to do in transit time at Colombo airport. And if you are using SriLankan airlines you are lucky to take a free ride inside SriLanka at no cost.


Angkor Wat – Largest religious monument in the world

Angkor wat is the worlds largest religious monument in the world. No wonder that Cambodian flag holds it as its architecture was impressive. It was almost destroyed by Thailand (as told by my guide… Thailand occupied that region for about 100+ years in war and they destroyed the temple to destroy the pride of Cambodians)


Traveling to cambodia from bangkok by bus

Bus is the cheapest way to reach Cambodia from bangkok. From Mochit 2 bus terminal bus departs towards Siem Reap, Phnom Penh locations of cambodia. Not only that also there are direct buses to LAOS and VIETNAM from here. How to book bus tickets ? Booking tickets in advance is the best option as there […]


Cheapest way to reach pattaya from bangkok airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport has very good transportation facilities. You can take Bus or Metro to reach city in minutes. The most beautiful stuff is you can take bus to various parts of thailand from this Airport itself. You do not need to reach city bus terminal for this. From here you can reach pattaya for just […]