Buenos Aires – Argentina

Buenos Aires – Capital of Argentina. I happen to stay in ‘Almagro’ region and it was very neat, properly planned and well maintained. Lots of food options all around the city. Plenty of churches all around. Nice to roam around. NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH. ONLY SPANISH. Airport to City People who can speak Spanish can […]


Argentina Tourist Visa for Indians

Argentina visa process is the most difficult visa process i ever been through till date. Tourist visa for Argentina is FREE for Indians. But their documentation process is the most difficult thing i ever gone through. It is tough because even after i got the visa now… still i don’t know what documents were really […]


Yellow Fever Vaccination in Bangalore

Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required to travel certain countries of Africa & South America. Immigration procedures of certain countries stated that this certificate is must to enter the country. In Bangalore this vaccination is done at Public Health Institute. They provide this service only on Wednesdays. Only one day in a week. If the […]


Brooklyn Bridge – New York

Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn with Manhattan in New York city. It is a perfect place to visit during long transit in New York airport. I had 8 hours of transit in New York JFK Airport so had enough time to visit this place. To reach this place from JFK Terminal 8, i took Air train […]


Exploring London with 1GBP – Mega Bus Sightseeing

Mega Bus UK offers a 2 hour sightseeing tour on London for 1 GBP. This is a perfect option for anyone on transit to see all major attractions of London within 2 hours. My transit time in London Heathrow is 21 hours so i had enough time to take this tour. Visitor visa is needed […]


Hampi – Karnataka

Hampi – One of the most glorious historical city of India located in the banks of Tungabhadra River. This city was part of the capital of Vijayanagara Empire. Though the city was destroyed after the fall of Vijayanagara Empire on 15th Century, it remain ruins till date. It was nice to see some temples hold […]


New York City- United States of America

New York City – One of the busiest American city today and an Iconic immigration port of United States of America back in history! Great to see too many taller buildings in smaller space all around the city. In fact the New York is the name for the whole province where the New York City […]


Self trip to Washington DC from New York

Washington DC located about 350kms away from the New York city. The one way travel time takes approximately 4 hours. There are day trip tours available from New York city to Washington DC which costs between 135USD to 160USD depends on season and tour operator. This is pretty costly as there are frequent buses on […]


Toronto to New York by Megabus

Mega bus – A reliable low cost bus transportation service in North America. They operate both in Canada & United States. I saw the online ratings of Mega Bus service is very poor. But in my trips i found they are very good and professional on their service. I use Mega Bus 4 times during […]


CN Tower – Toronto

Canadian National Tower popularly known as CN Tower located at the heart of the city of Toronto. It provides a nice Ariel view of Downtown Toronto. Especially during nights it was a super experience to see the glowing Toronto. When it was built on 1976 it was the tallest tower in the World. Buy your […]

Skydive center

Tandem Skydive – Niagara falls

One of the best thing to do at the city of Niagara falls, Canada. The dive is also inclusive of 20 – 25 minute trip on plane above Niagara Falls and its surroundings. An beautiful bird eye view of the Canadian and American border towns. Book ticket here: They charge only deposit at the […]


United States Tourist Visa for Indians (B1/B2 Visa)

US Visa can be consider as the most powerful visa of all. Because any one hold a valid US visa can enter plenty of countries like Mexico, Turkey, etc… etc… without obtaining a visa for that country. This makes life easy for many travelers. But at the same time getting a United States Visa is […]


Canada Tourist Visa for Indians (Visitor Visa)

Indian nationals must obtain Visitor Visa to travel in Canada for Tourism purpose. The Visa Process can be done in 2 ways. Online application on IRCC website or Paper application through VFS. I don’t know about the paper application process as i did apply online. Online application process starts here with a check if we […]


Vientiane to Bangkok by bus

This article also helps for the people who looks for Luang Prabang to Bangkok by bus. As Vientiane located between Luang Prabang and Bangkok the buses mostly go via Vientiane. I booked the tickets from the following website: They does not have any buses directly goes from Luang Prabang to Bangkok. So i booked […]


Kuang Si Falls – Luang Prabang

Kuang Si Falls – Most liked tourist spot of Luang Prabang. The hotels arrange shared or private trips to this falls for a fixed fee. The falls located far from the city center so a taxi or tuk-tuk is needed to reach there. But its worth going there. Entrance ticket is 20,000 Lao Kip. Falls […]


LAOS Visa On Arrival for Indians

LAOS offers visa on arrival for almost all countries in the world. The process is very simple. In Luang Prabang Airport there was a immigration officer standing near to the entrance of the immigration room gave us the visa on arrival form. Honestly they did not had time to see what we filled on the […]


Hanoi – Vietnam

Hanoi – Capital of Vietnam is one of the best city to experience Asian culture. People were very sweet and helpful. Though so many vehicles moving around i see very less air pollution which is amazing. Most of the time people don’t care about traffic regulations (as we do the same in India). Currency was […]


Vietnam eVisa for Indians

Vietnam offers flexible visa options for Indians who wanted to visit the country for tourism purposes. Visa On Arrival is a popular option used by many Indian Tourists so far until last year the immigration department of Vietnam added India on the eligible country list for eVisa. The following website of Vietnam Government provides this […]

belgium two

Brussels – Belgium

One of the finest city of Europe offers great treat for eyes. I stayed very near to the Brussels Midi station. So i have experienced the very heart of this city. Lot of Arabian shops all the way from Midi station to Brussels Central station. Same as Paris, the city also home for many homeless […]



This little country located below the Belgium is just awesome in its landscapes and constructions. Just no words to describe its beauty. My trip to Luxembourg City (capital of Luxembourg country) is just a day trip from Belgium. I took round trip train from Brussels. I booked tickets on the following website… The round […]