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Tandem Skydive – Niagara falls

One of the best thing to do at the city of Niagara falls, Canada. The dive is also inclusive of 20 – 25 minute trip on plane above Niagara Falls and its surroundings. An beautiful bird eye view of the Canadian and American border towns. Book ticket here: They charge only deposit at the […]

United States Tourist Visa for Indians (B1/B2 Visa)

US Visa can be consider as the most powerful visa of all. Because any one hold a valid US visa can enter plenty of countries like Mexico, Turkey, etc… etc… without obtaining a visa for that country. This makes life easy for many travelers. But at the same time getting a United States Visa is […]

Canada Tourist Visa for Indians (Visitor Visa)

Indian nationals must obtain Visitor Visa to travel in Canada for Tourism purpose. The Visa Process can be done in 2 ways. Online application on IRCC website or Paper application through VFS. I don’t know about the paper application process as i did apply online. Online application process starts here with a check if we […]

Vientiane to Bangkok by bus

This article also helps for the people who looks for Luang Prabang to Bangkok by bus. As Vientiane located between Luang Prabang and Bangkok the buses mostly go via Vientiane. I booked the tickets from the following website: They does not have any buses directly goes from Luang Prabang to Bangkok. So i booked […]