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Exploring Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo with JR Pass

JR Pass is useful not only to travel between big cities but also to explore around a city. Every city has ‘JR Line Railways’ covering nearby small towns in which we can use JR Pass to travel unlimited rides. In Hiroshima, 2 loop buses named ‘Orange Route’ and ‘Green Route’ operates in 30 mins gap […]

Day trip to Nagasaki from Hakata using JR Pass

Nagasaki – the city which lost one fourth of its population to atomic bomb in the year 1945. After this horror incident the city is well known throughout the world and being visited by many tourists every year. This article will give you some information if you are looking to take a day trip to […]

Backpacking Moscow

Moscow – One of the cheapest destination in European continent. Being capital of world’s largest country, “Moscow” is being maintained well by Russian Government. Metro makes transportation easier towards many destinations in the city. Though all is well here language is a biggest problem for any out comers. NO ONE SPEAKS / UNDERSTANDS¬†ENGLISH… Will be […]

Traveling from bagdogra to kathmandu by bus

This post may be useful for anyone who looks for how to reach kathmandu from bagdogra and vice versa by bus.  This is a little long journey so may not suitable for any one expects high comfortness on travel.

Long transit in colombo with Sri Lankan Airlines ?

This post is useful for anyone looking for what to do in transit time at Colombo airport. And if you are using SriLankan airlines you are lucky to take a free ride inside SriLanka at no cost.